joi, 31 mai 2012

Baba cu pisicile O poveste pe cit de simpla, pe atit de triste...o batrina sta impreuna cu pisicile ei adunate in ani...vreo 15 ; batrina e singura, bolnava , trebuie sa vinda casa si sa se mute la copii in alt oras , la bloc....pisicile vor ramine efectiv pe drumuri, la gunoaie, pe strazi murdare, ale nimanui....ghemuri de blana pufoase, ochi tristi, mai ales acestia, 15 perechi de ochi cum numai pisica stie sa priveasca, cu o disperare muta vor ramine fara casa si o mingiiere, fara un acoperis sau o farfurie de mincare-dar cel rau, vor fi a nimanui Old woman's cats A simple story how, in so sad ... an old woman sits with her ​​cats collected in years ... about 15, the only old, sick, need to sell house and move to another city children, the block .... cats will actually remain on the road, the garbage, dirty streets, the fluffy fur balls .... anyone, sad eyes, especially those, 15 pairs of eyes as only a cat knows how to look, with desperation move will remain homeless and consolation, without a roof or a plate of food, but wicked, will be to anyone